Business Valuations Overview

A true business valuation does not produce ballpark figures based on benchmark industry formulas, it provides clients with a specific value based on the individual facts, purpose, timing and scope of the engagement.

Do I need a business valuation?

If you own your own business or are a partner in a business, the answer is probably yes.  Consider this, on any given day you can find out the amounts of your checking, savings, 401k or other investment and retirement accounts to the penny.  However for your business interest, often the most valuable asset, you are going rely on a blanket industry formula?

What is my business worth?

A true business valuation is unique to itself. Industry formulas or rules of thumb might get you within tens of thousands dollars if you are lucky, but more likely its going to be hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars off based on high or low side of the range.

More than a number

We don’t just tell you what a business is worth today; we tell you why the current value is appropriate; where the potential risks and opportunities lay; and how you may be able to increase value.

We also perform business valuations for purposes of gift and estate taxes, buy & sell agreements, business disputes, and other business or legal matters.


All our valuation work is completed by Certified Valuation Analysts and complies with the standards of the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts.