Seller Representation

Selling a practice is one of the most important decisions in a doctors life and has significant emotional and financial implications. We’ll work with you to explore your options and help reach your goals.
Ready to Sell?

For most medical and dental practice owners, their practice, staff and patients become an important part of their identity and its often difficult to know when it might be the right time to sell. Some questions to consider include:

  • Is your practice growing, mature, declining?
  • Can the current production support additional doctors?
  • What aspects of my work do I enjoy the most and the least?
  • Would I consider bringing on partners or merging with another practice?
  • How much debt do I have?
  • What is the current state of equipment?
  • How much of your net worth is tied to the practice?

Discuss these questions and other important issues with family, friends and trusted colleagues. Find a capable and experienced professional advisor to help explain the process and start planning.

Develop Your Plan

With the proper planning, a seller can dictate the primary circumstances & priorities under which the practice sale takes place.  That said, if a someone is going off bad information or doesn’t understand his or her options, how can they be assured they are making the best decision?

It is also important to remember that successful planning often takes months or years so think ahead, get trusted professional advice and give yourself confidence you’re making the right choice.

  • Would you like to keep working full-time, reduce to part-time, or completely retire?
  • Have you and your financial advisors built current and long-term tax strategy?
  • Have you ever had the business valued and under what circumstance?
  • Would you consider financing a portion of the practice sale?

Depending on the doctor and the transaction, there might be one easily identified route to sale or potentially several option worth exploring.

Driving You to Close

We have developed an extensive network of doctors looking to purchase medical and dental practices and also utilize technology in order to find a group of interest and qualified buyers.

Our job in working with a doctor or group looking to sell their practice is to quarterback your deal process.  Meaning we have already asked you for all the information the buyer will want, the difficult questions, and uncovered the business strengths and opportunities in helping you plan for the sale.

By anticipating the questions, we can develop reasonable and honest mitigants for the perceived risks of your practice. This process can be feel overwhelming at times however the upfront work offers a tremendous payback as buyer confidence increases, allows for a quicker and more competitive sale process, reduces “deal killers” such as last minute disclosures and buyer remorse.


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